June 15, 2011
“Telconopoly”: From Research to Practice

“Telconopoly: Overthrowing the Shadow of Regulatory Capture and Opportunism in Philippine Telecomunications through Interconnection and an Effective Government Competition Policy” is a paper written by University of the Philippines law student Marcelino Veloso III, which eventually led to the formation of a telecom consumer advocacy group, TXTm8 (read: Textmate). The paper won the Professor Salvador T. Carlota Prize for Best Paper in Administrative Law and the Law on Public Officers for 2011.


The work cites a paper on telecoms/ICT policy reform that I wrote and presented in the Communication Policy Research (CPR)south conference back in 2007. You may access my papers and presentations in CPRsouth’s website or see below.

Universal Acess Thru Policy Reform Ppt (Mirandilla, Dec 15 07)

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At the May 23 hearing of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on the impending PLDT-Digitel merger, wherein the largest telco PLDT will buy 51.5% worth of shares of Digitel, owner of third largest mobile phone company Sun Cellalur, TXTm8, as intervenor, submitted their Comment and Supplemental Comment asking NTC to “impose stricter service standards” and “stricter regulatory measures” to “promote or strengthen healthy competition” and “curtail monopolistic tendencies”. A second hearing is scheduled for June 21.

This juncture presents yet another litmus test for the autonomy and discernment of the regulator to decide in accordance to the general (read: industry and consumers) welfare.

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