December 16, 2011
SIRCA: RP Politics & Social Media Website

Thanks to SIRCA, we set up the FLIPISM (Filipino Political, ICTs, and Social Media) website to share the outputs of our Filipino political blogosphere study. The site is envisioned to be a repository of research and feature articles, commentaries, and studies that look into how ICTs, including mobile technology, internet, and social media, are used in Philippine politics. 


About the Content Manager

Mary Grace P. Mirandilla-Santos is a Manila-based independent researcher on information and communications technology (ICT) and telecommunications—their role in development and society, and related policy issues. Grace’s journey as a researcher began in 1998. For the next 13 years, she would be involved in non-profit organizations, consulting firms, and various donor-funded, policy- and development-oriented projects, where she would explore her own research agenda and hone her analytic, writing, and project management skills. In 2005, she worked on her first independent research on universal ICT access through an IDRC Canada grant. In 2009, Grace got two IDRC grants for research studies on internet and politics. The first was for a 6-month study on “Philippine cybercampaigning” awarded through the Philippine ICT Research Network. The second was for an 18-month research study on the “Filipino political blogosphere,” awarded through the Strengthening ICT Research Capacity in Asia (SIRCA) program and managed by the Center for Research and Communication (CRC), which examined A-list Filipino political bloggers and their readers—who they are, why they access blogs, and how they perceive and participate in politics. The results were published in a special peer-reviewed edition of the Media Asia journal and will be included in an upcoming SIRCA book to be published by ISEAS.

Until November 2011, Grace worked as a telecoms and ICT research consultant for the Asian Development Bank and The Asia Foundation – Philippines. She is finishing her Master’s degree in public administration at the University of the Philippines.

Learn more through Grace’s LinkedIn profile and blog, Grace Notes. Follow her on Twitter. Read her latest publication, Unleashing the Power of Competition: The Philippine Telecommunications Reform Story from a volume on economic policy reforms, Built on Dreams, Grounded in Reality published by The Asia Foundation (2011).

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